Sales is evolving faster than ever before. Buyers are looking to social media and other platforms to inform their decisions. Sales teams are now only involved at the end of the process, after most of the buying decision has already been made. How do you influence your prospects in this new environment?


Social networks allow you to connect to your buying community where they are.


Experiment, analyse, learn and adjust your approach using real-time feedback.


Timing is everything, be there when your buyers’ are ready to talk.

In such a saturated market, with an abundance of freely available information, buyers…

Cloud Explorers Forum is a year-round program for the senior practitioner and technical decision maker. An event to showcase emerging tech and companies at the forefront of that technology to an exclusive audience of senior technologists and others that influence tooling buying selection.

Its differentiating aspects are:

1. no-nonsense, technical content, curated by our technologists

2. live discussion with two technical emcees, moderated questions from the audience and sponsor input into the discussion beforehand to optimize the discussion.

3. A small, engaging audience increases interaction, creating high-value connections. We create relationships, we don’t sell leads.

4. Events are thematical, with…

On the Glasnostic blog, we often talk about how the complex cloud-native environments we run today are prone to disruptive interaction patterns that can bring the business down. While this is certainly important to talk about, mere words do not do justice to the depth of the operational crisis we’re facing. Examples are much better suited to reminding us that failures can occur at any company, at any time. And as companies adopt more and more microservices, the extent, severity and rate of disruption will only increase.

With or without a “black swan” like COVID-19, infrastructure and operational issues with…

Over 200 Cloud Native Development Companies Representing $100B in Market Capitalization

By Tyler Jewell

Nov 10

Designing and building cloud native applications is hard.

Products and companies that help developers design cloud native applications are some of the most sought after by enterprises, venture capitalists, and major vendors.

Let’s discuss the underlying trends, why building stateful and resilient systems is hard, and segment startups by their varying approaches.

Cloud Native Development Startups Have Attracted $2.85 Billion in Venture Capital

Scaling a stateful system is big business. There are over 200 companies which have raised $2.85B in venture capital. …

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Early-stage VC firm focusing on enterprise applications and IT infrastructure.

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